Sweet potato chips


The irresistible Portuguese chips naturally Salted by the Sea

Spall's Chips Surfer's Snack
Rapariga a provar as chips de batata doce Spall's
Spall's Chips Skater's Snack

Spall’s sweet potato chips

Spall’s sweet potato chips are a tasty, healthy, and nutritious snack of fast consumption

Our goal is to make the packets of French fries a product that everyone can consume, with the assurance of the maximum quality of taste and health benefits.

In Spall’s, sweet potatos are rigorously selected, preventing the potato to lose its nutritional properties, from the conscious and certified plantation to the exclusive recipe confection, from the cut to the fry.

The Spall’s Brand gets inspired by the sea and nature, to origin the Chips of Sweet Potato Fries with dynamic characteristics of a young, light and very positive snack.

Spall's Chips Pack 100g

Spall's Chips Mix

  • Extra fine cut
  • Wavy shape
  • Pops and crispy
  • Texture is not oily
  • Consisting of the right point
  • National origin
  • Gluten Free
  • Easy and healthy

The crunchy that surprises, the texture that enchants and the flavor that conquers.

Spall's Sweet Label

A snack with Portuguese ingredients

Aljezur sweet potato, drizzled with salt from the Ria Formosa Park in Tavira and top-quality rosemary, for a sensational and irresistible experience.

Batata-doce de Aljezur

Sweet potato
from Aljezur

Sal da Ria Formosa em Tavira

Ria Formosa salt
in Tavira



Batata-doce de Aljezur

Sweet potato from Aljezur

Our sweet potato, from Aljezur, has a flavor and unique texture. It is responsibly manufactures and no chemicals are used.

The perfect cultivation, storage, and confection mode, keeps spall’s sweet potato up with the maximum consistency and nutritional properties.

The sweet potato has a body slow absorption, because of its Complex Carbohydrates and Low Indices Glycemic, providing a feeling of satiety and energy to keep a healthy, active, and positive lifestyle, as dictated by the values of our brand.

  • Taste of Excellence and Proprieties Nutritive – Satiety
  • Sweet Potato Variety Mix
  • Packs of 30g, 100g and 200g sweet potato chips to be consumed by everyone anywhere and anytime
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Spall’s is given birth from the motivation of the entrepreneurial spirit, from the will and capacity of creation and innovation of Duarte Guerra Pinto

Is at the connection of fun and healthy of the caught waves that the tasty and healthy chips are created… as the waves are free to catch, so are the sweet potato chips of spall’s to be consumed in freedom.