Sweet Potato
for All

A food for all people, without exception, and that accompanies all kinds of dish, due to its versatility, still making the perfect match with drinks such as craft beer, wine, or gin.

Duarte Guerra Pinto

Spall’s story

Surf lover, Duarte Guerra Pinto spends many hours at sea, and the Sea is his great inspiration

To ensure his life quality, besides que constant contact with nature, he seeks to make the food healthy his lifestyle, while seeking to satisfy his passion for the gastronomic quality. The need to find a food that would give him energy and satiety, that was simple and tasty at the same time, made him dream of a solution with a union of health and pleasure.

The sports practice and the healthy food led him to discover the sweet potato, during a visit to Aljezur, the capital by excellence of cultivation and production of this tubercule. The multifaceted use of sweet potato, its endless possibilities on the creation of dishes, as well as its excellent nutritional properties, conquered it.

Spall's - Chips de Batata Doce

How was Spall’s born?

In 2018, Duarte Guerra Pinto, motivated by the discovery of the benefits and wide options of Batata Doce on its confection, bet on this food with the purpose of giving it the place that history had denied it due its appearance

After an in-depth investigation, he contacts sources and specialists, acquiring diverse knowledge of characteristics, benefits, potentialities, cultivation modes, stages of production, storage, and confection of Sweet Potato.

The first experiences with sweet potato were made at home and on a later stage, on a kitchen provided by his friend Chef Peruana. It was at this moment and place that, with the support of his Chef friend, that the original recipe has come up. Even with approved taste, the nutritional quality was still missing. This nutritional quality demanded, beside the traditional nutritional analysis, a vitamin and mineral test. The test was made by the Ricardo Jorge Institute’s Laboratory, which proved the high levels of vitamin A, C and E and fibers, proving the quality of the recipe by not changing the characteristic of the sweet potato after fried.

Manufactured in Portugal with sweet potato from Aljezur. Grown without any chemicals on the best storage conditions. Using Tavira salt, the Spall’s brand is proud of being a Portuguese company with a national product. The start of the production process is triggered by the co-operation between Spall’s and the National Association of Surfers. On April 2018, the Spall’s sweet potatos chips are presented to the public on a surf event of MEO league in Ribeira de Ilhas-Ericeira.

Spall’s, an innovative brand for a positive lifestyle

Spall's - Embalagem 200g - Verso
Spall's - Embalagem 200g - Frente

The evolution of the packaging

Our identity is linked to the sea, nature, land, natural elements, simple and predominant in our life

Spall’s packages are intended to symbolize from the outside what they offer on the inside, with an attractive, youthful, dynamic, and relaxed look.

We are unstoppable and we are ambition to grow and innovate at every step we take. Since 2018 until now, our image is more alive, modern, with more movement and with the transparency that characterizes and leads us along the way.

Spall’s assumes a positive line. The same one we see in surfing and in the contact with nature. The same line we find on bringing the products from the earth to our table.

Batata Local de Aljezur
batata doce
Spall's Chips
Chips de Batata-doce Spall's

Miss, vision and values of Spall’s

Our mission is to turn the packages of French fries into a product that everyone can eat

We bet on a single food, of high quality and healthiness. We pretend to create a tendency and lifestyle in coherence with a nutritional food awareness and lead the market in sweet potato chips.

With an inspirational and differentiating product, rigorously selected, cultivated and made, we act without ever decreasing the quality, the environmental preservation, the social responsibility, in all cultivation stages and the originality, creativity and innovation in the production phase supplying a food that combines tastiness and healthiness.