Sweet potato


Sweet potatoes are a perfect example of gastronomic versatility. It is a food that blends perfectly with meat and fish and gives life to salty and sweet dishes. Beyond all this characteristic, it can also be consumed by all, due its malevolent-free properties. This is the singular condition of sweet potato that gives name to Spall’s: Sweet potato for all.

At Spall’s, sweet potatoes are rigorously selected from the plant to the confection. It’s perfect cultivation, storage and confection mode makes Spall’s sweet potato remain with superior nutritional properties throughout all year.

Our sweet potato has a unique flavor and texture. Its taste is mild due the light seasoning and fine cutting. Our Chips can be consumed by sport people, those who care about a healthy lifestyle and for those who want something light and ready for their daily lives.

Aljezur sweet potato

The sweet potatoes grow in Aljezur, which is a star on gastronomy at a local and national level

It’s cultivation and growth in agricultural lands propitious to its development, influence on a very positive way, it’s exceptional quality. Aljezur is known by its unique weather, fertile soil and perfect condition of sun, land, and water.

On the costal parishes of the Aljezur council and Alentejo, between Teotónio and Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira council, the famous sweet potato of Aljezur, named “Lyra” is cultivated. This one has received the international recognition with IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certification, given by the European community. Fulfilling the exceptional quality of Aljezur for this vegetable, which is planted between January and February and harvested between September and November.

Here is where we get our sweet potato and certify that it is cultivated without harmful chemicals for the health and environment. The exceptional quality of our potage is also guaranteed by it packing and storage, allowing the maintenance of the natural conditions and exceptional flavor through all year.

Spalls - Chips de batata doce

Sweet potato chips

A Sweet potato chips are born to be an aperitif or accompaniment but above all to be a snack of fast consumption, anywhere, and that is at the same time healthy and nutritious/p>

Our mission is to turn the packets of French fries into a product that everyone can eat positively with a mix of varieties and shades in each pack of 30g, 100g or 200g.

  • Extra fine cut
  • Wavy shape
  • Crispy and pops
  • Texture is not oily, consist of stems from the right spot
  • National origin
  • Vegan and gluten free

A tasty snack and welcome with products from our land

utilizamos um mix de variedades de batatas para uma original e variada experiência de sabores

Sweet Potato Chip Recipe

Spall’s sweet potato recipes are natural, original, creative, and different

In our first recipe we used a mix of potatoes variety for an original and varied flavor experience.

Our secret relies on the potato’s quality, very important for the texture and consistency. Our first original recipe, inspired by great chefs of international cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, has been enriched with the gentle seasoning of rosemary and sea salt. Our extra fine cut enhances a crunchy and crispy experience. The frying it done at low temperatures using vegetable oil with a high frying point and high fatty acid stability.

The quality of Spall’s, with product and ingredients of first, original recipe, in wavy format, in extra-fine cutting, in short time and low temperature of frying, in the total misuse of preservatives… make Spall’s sweet potato chips a suitable product for the whole family.

Sweet potatoes: benefits

Sweet potatoes are known by its health benefits/p>

This food combines its sweet taste and texture consistency with high advantages to the body by being covered with nutrients.

  • Rich in protein and vitamins A, C and E
  • Complex slow processing carbohydrates
  • Low indices glycemic (indicated for diabetics)
  • Energy enhancer
  • High satiety wisdom
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Antioxidant and stimulant of the immune system to the river
  • Allied in the feeding of sportsmen

Fried sweet potato

Spall’s fried sweet potato is the perfect snack to consume between the main meals or to join them

Easy to carry and practical, the chips are prepared to take anywhere. Destined to a strong and healthy consumption, never forgetting the taste and texture. Spall’s fried sweet potatoes combines with a positive lifestyle and it’s appreciated for its original recipe and nutritional value.